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Russian art craft for kids: fuse beads colored churches

While watching the Opening ceremony at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, I noticed a colourful scene made of russian churches and pots.

I found it so beautiful that I decided to keep this memory with a fuse beads craft, and here it is.

hama beads russian churches

I used many colors and a large square board, and I “worked” watching the TV that I had set to “pause” on the replay!

many colours hama beads

Here are others view of my russian churches…

russian churches design fuse beads

coloured russian churches design fuse beads

As I wanted this scene to be able to stand up, I took off 2 beads at each side of the bottom of the churches, and prepared two feet.

holes for feet

feet for russian churches

Then, I carefully ironed the beads, on both sides…

ironing fuse beads

I let them cool between two heavy books before assembling…

many colors fuse beads russian churches

feet in the hole

hama beads foot

top of fuse beads russian churches

Here is my russian decor! 🙂

hama beads coloured russian chuch

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