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Quilled Love design for a homemade Valentine card

Do you remember the 3d Love card I had folded last week? I decorated the front of it with a quilled embellishment showing a pair of lovers…

quilled lovers and hearts

quilling love design

This design is quite simple to realise and need just a few strips of paper.

love card and quilling supplies and tools

The legs and arms are made of one strip folded in the middle, and folded again to show elbows or knees. The rest of the strip is coiled to create feet or hands.

quilled pieces

quilled hand

quilled foot

Heads are made of two strips, and I used behive quilling to fill the girl’s dress and coil her hair.

quilled girl for valentine card

When each piece of my design were finished, I caught them with tweezers to gently dip them into a puddle of glue I had displayed in the cover of a jam jar, and placed the glued pieces on the front of my card.

quilling love card valentine's days

quilled valentine card

I love my quilled lovers! 🙂 What about you?

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