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Quilled hearts for an easy mother’s day card craft

In France, paper quilling is not much known and I discovered this craft not much long ago. As I love to introduce craft to others (I was a school teacher 🙂 ), I use to write tutorials and explain quilling techniques to my readers on my french blog.

To make sure they will dare to try and quill strips of paper, I showed them, a few weeks ago, the easiest cards I had made, nonetheless lovely cards, which would be perfect for a mother’s day gift or a Valentine’s card.

cards with hearts made with quilling technique

To make these cards, you just need to three thin strips for each card… First of all, let’s fold them in the middle.

folded strips for quilled hearts

To realise the simple shapes of the hearts, I just rolled each end of the strip towards the inside of the fold (as I didn’t have slotted tool to roll the paper, I rolled it around a toothpick).

roll strip of paper towards inside of the fold

Then, I just allowed each coil to relax…

paper rolled heart

I cut small squares in two different papers and glued the hearts on the smallest of them before gluing them on the largest squares.

cut a square

glue on the quilled heart

filigree hearts on squares

quilled hearts on squares

For the other card, I used yellow squares. 🙂 These hearts are really easy shapes to do! Even my 20 years old son tried to roll one for his Valentine… 😀

quilled hearts card for mother's or valentine's day

I’ll show you in a further post another quilled card, perfect for a mother’s day card. See you soon! 🙂

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    Its different but very simple craft

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