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Printable Christmas card: a Gingerbread House to paint

I don’t know whether I’ll send the Christmas card I’ve just finished… Perhaps it will remain within the other Christmas ornaments…

free printable christmas card

If you like the gingerbread house I’ve drawn, you can print it (here is my free printable gingerbread house design), either on white paper to colour it with pencils, or on brown paper to decorate it with paint. (That’s what I did. 😉 )

When the card is cut off, turn it on the blank side and score the fold which will make the card fold.

score the middle fold

gingerbread house paper card

And then, decorate ! 🙂

gingerbread house card

I use small bottles of paint with thin tips so that I can paint directly with the bottle.

bottles of paint with thin pit

Then, you’ll have to wait for the card to be dry before setting it in your Christmas decoration or sending it.

printable gingerbread house card to paint

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  1. Macu says:

    I love do make christmas decorations with my class. I dont have to look any further, your ideas are really wonderful, detailed instructions and I cant stop making all those pretty decorations thanks.

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