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Penguin craft for a winter recycling craft made of toilet paper rolls

As it is snowing, it’s time for winter crafts! What about a pengouin craft? I love crafting with toilet paper rolls an and that’s what I used to create fun penguins that can stand up on their feet… and even walk in the snow!

penguins craft_easy winter craft

I’m sure penguin craft is an activity that kids love and, as this one needs really few materials, adults will love it too ! 🙂 For this penguin craft project, you will need toilet paper rolls, orange, white and black paint, glue and scissors.

materials for penguin craft

First of all, I prepare and cut regular pieces in the roll.

prepare to cut

Then, I paint them, on both sides. For each penguin, you just need 6 and a half pieces, one of them cut in two pieces for the eyes.

painted pieces of toilet rol for the penguin project

Let’s begin with the feet, which I glue in the middle.

pengouin feet

I roll and glue the half orange band to do the beak.

glu the beak and hold

Just as if I was preparinq quilling shapes, I roll the black and white bands, beginning with the black end, to do the penguin eyes.

penguin eyes ans

Then I glue together the wings and the chest. I proceeded two different ways, to get different penguins. For the first one, I cut the chest and glue it this way.

chest and flippers

For the other one, I modified the shape of the wings, to glue them to the white chest.

penguin flipper

glue flippers and chest

I glue the different parts in place in the head, the beak in a fold, and the eyes glued to the top of the beak and to the side of the head.

glue eyes and beak inside the head

Let’s glue chest and wings to the head…


glue chest and head

… and add the feet!

glu penguin feet

Here is my first penguin! Isn’t it lovely? 🙂

penguin_recycling winter craft

But as it needed friends, I made other penguins before letting them gor for a walk in the snow! ‘It’s cold out here!

penguin craft for winter and snow

Hey, where are you going?

fun penguin craft project

I want to see the world!

penguin craft with paper roll

Just wait for us! We’re going with you!

penguins made of toilet paper roll

I hope you’ll love to do this penguin project with your chidren as much as I loved to play with them! 😉

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  1. Ana says:

    Thanks for this wonderful idea. I love recycling and this is a good way to do it. Getting ready for winter.

  2. Nate says:

    Ese to make and fun.

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