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Olympic Craft: fuse beads olympic rings flag

As the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sochi will begin in a few hours, what about celebrating these 2014 Winter Olympics with a craft of the best known symbols of the Olympic Games, the Olympic Ring Flag., that I realized with fuse beads.

olympics craft rings flag

For this craft, I needed 2 large square interlocking Hama pegboards, for I wanted to make large rings.

large interlocking Hama pegboards

interlocking Hama pegboards

I first made a frame with two lines of white beads on the top and the left of the boards.

white beads

Here is the pattern of the first entire ring.

fuse beads blue ring of the olympic flag

After the blue one, I copied this pattern for the black ring.

blue and black rings

And then, for the red ring.

olympics fuse beads craft

Then, I took off some beads at the bottom of these three rings, for the yellow and green rings to cross them.

holes in the roings

modele perle hama anneaux olympiques

fuse beads olympic rings flag

A few hundreds white beads later… Here is my olympic flag !

olympic flag pattern for fuise beads

In a further post, I’ll show you small flags of different countries that I also made in order to add a frame around this big olympic flag.

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