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Homemade Advent Calendar with quilled designs on paper boxes

I’m late ! I’m late ! I wanted to show you the Advent calendar I had finished just in time but I couldn’t find time to write here ! But here it is now. 🙂

christmas quilled designs

diy advent calendar with paper boxes

quilled bird and present

quilled designs on adent calendar

I wanted to add a 3D tree at the top of the pyramid but I had not enough green paper to craft it as big as I wanted ! 🙁

3d quilled fir tree

I glued the paper boxes I had made several days ago on a golden cardboard circle, beginning with eight of them. (I used a bowl to help me…)

eight boxes around a bowl

Then, I glued the bottom of seven other boxes on the first floor, and five above…

third floor of the homemade advent calendar

Then 3 boxes, and the latest… It only remained to write numbers with a golden felt pen.

numbers on the advent calendar

I filled each box with chocolates… of course 😉

And now, my Advent calendar will decorate the table for at least 24 days ! 🙂

homemade paper advent calendar

samll quilled flowers for december 24

quilled candy cane and white hearts tree

christmas quilling angel candle tree bell

I’ll give you details on the quilled designs I made in a further post. 🙂

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