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Fuse beads Squirrel – Autumn pattern with Hama Beads

I haven’t posted in this blog for such a long time ! And I have so many new crafts to show you !

As a violent autumn wind is blowing leaves over my window today, no doubt the cute squirrel that uses to come and visit the nut tree in my neighbour’s garden won’t come today !

squirrel in the garden

This squirrel made me create a new pattern for a standing squirrel made of fuse beads.

squirrel made of fuse beads

For this squirrel to be able to stand up, I added two feet and took off two beads from the bottom of the squirrel.

holes in the bottom for feet

Then I waited for my iron to be warm and had the beads fuse.

how to iron hama beads

ironing fuse beads

I use to verify through the paper whether the beads have melted or not. If I don’t see one of them, I iron again ! 🙂

fuse beads after ironing

Just a smooth ironing on the other side… and my squirrel and its feet are ready.

fuse beads squirrel and feet

feet of the squirrel

Here it is ! Waiting for its friend through the window…

hama beads standing up squirrel




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