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Fuse beads Cupcakes Magnets for handmade little gifts

If you’re looking for easy children crafts for your child to make his / her own gifts for Christmas or any other occasion, you can propose the idea of handmade magnets.

For example, here are the fuse beads cupcakes my daughter made during her last holidays.

fuse beads cupcakes

To create these cupcakes, my daughter used Hama beads and large and small hexagon boards. Below are the patterns of each of these cupcakes while they are on the boards.

hama fuse beads cupcake

fuse beads cupcake pattern

hama beads chocolate cupcake

After ironing the fuse beads patterns, just add an adhesive magnet on the back of the cupcakes.

magnets with fuse beads templates

And then, these magnets will decorate Grand’ma ‘s fridge or any other metallic surface ! 🙂

cupcake magnets on fridge

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