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Free printable 3d Love Card for a pop up Valentine card craft

I love kirigami technique, which consists in cutting and folding paper, for example to get pop up cards.

I already created a two hearts kirigami Valentine card last year (you can see and print this “two hearts card” on my french blog), so this year, I decided to write the word “Love” with this kirigami technique to get an original homemade Valentine card. Here are the pop up cards I finally did.

free printable 3d love cards

First of all, I began to draw and cut a draft of what I meant to do.

love card draft

Then, I traced this pattern on the back of the sheet, placing it on a window, to get a symetrical design of the word I had drawn.

symetrical word

I scanned it and printed it on a thick paper (and you can print my 3D love card too 🙂 ).

Then I browsed the horizontal dotted lines to mark the folds.

dotted lines

I cut every vertical lines and every letters, and cut out the entire card.

cutting the letters

Then you just have to push the letters towards the inside…

folding the letters

mountain fold

and fold the middle line of the card with “mountain folds” too.

folding the card

Turn the card to look at it the right way and fold the small lines at the top of the letters.

fold on top of the letter

Your “love pop up” is ready to be glued in a half sheet of paper. (Better choose a contrasting color for the cover.)

inside of the valentine love card

Then you can decorate the inside of the card the way you like. 🙂 (I used several heart punches)

heart punches

You saw that I found this craft so pleasant that I made a second card ! 🙂 Here are both of them.

kirigami 3d love card

pop up love card

I decorated the cover as well, with a quilled Valentine design. I’ll show you soon, in a further post… 😉

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  1. hj says:

    I like it, I am wondering of what would I give to MY special someone tomorrow and luckily I found this-this is tottaly perfect, and yet easy to do in no time, 😀 GOD BLESS :*

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