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Free Printable 3D Christmas Card – Christmas tree Pop Up

What about a nice pop up christmas card, today, an easy one that little pupils will cut at school or that you will have them make at home, so that they will be proud to send their handmade christmas card to a loved member of the family. 🙂

All you have to do to create this easy 3D christmas card is print, cut, fold, glue, and decorate !

Here’s another pattern of this card, just a little more difficult to cut, but so beautiful !

If you like my cards, just print them (both of them are drawn on the same image) piece of cardstock and cut the one you want to do.

Then, fold it carefully in half to set the half of the christmas tree on the border of the folded card.

I used a butter knife as a bone folder (you can use anything that doesn’t have a sharp edge) to create the folds between the branches. Then I cut the other lines and folded carefully each branch back and forth.

Set the card as it was before cutting it and push the top branch of the tree inside the card.

Just do the same way for each branch, towards the bottom, and finish with the biggest one.

The folding is over. Now, you just have to glue this card in another card stock, just a bit larger than the former you used.

I used a chrismas hole puncher to decorate the former card before gluing it in the other one. Kids can decorate the tree with felt tip pens, confettis, or any embellishments they like before writing christmas greetings. 🙂

To decorate the other side of the card, I drawed circles on gift paper in order to cut christmas ornaments.

To do the white tree card, just do the same way !

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. I will soon offer you a new printable card, for older children, a kirigami greeting card. Come and read me in a few days ! 🙂

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15 commentaires

  1. The pop up Christmas tree card is easy and fun to make it toke me 2mins exatly so it’s not too hard, have a go at least it’s not bad to be honest my friends and family loved it but my girl friend she loved it so much she kissed me! I loved that moment. So go ahead have a go.

  2. Gretel says:


  3. Patrick says:

    My grand daughter and I really enjoyed making this 3D card.

    Each member of the family will get one with their gift on Christmas day.

    Photos and Disney characters have been pasted on the cover together with a Christmas wish.

    Thank you.

    • Rachel says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed this craft. I’m sure the cards will please everyone.
      Thanks a lot for your comment. 🙂

  4. mid says:

    thank you! this is just the craft pattern I was looking for!

  5. rocket says:


  6. henry says:

    thank you! the perfect card for my girlfriend’s gift 😉

  7. Phyl says:

    Our kids at church are making around 150 of these to take to a nursing home, when they go in Dec to perform for the residents. Even our 4 year olds can help make these, Thank you.

  8. rima says:

    Awesome, thankyou~ I can make it easly 😀
    waiting for next template 😉

  9. matt says:

    good ideas!!!!!!

  10. Tony says:

    Thanks! This is great.

  11. sheeba says:

    It was a good thing . I used it

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