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DIY – Kirigami craft for a Christmas Candle Holder

Today I want to show you a creative decorating idea to turn a usual glass into a Christmas candle holder.

For this craft, I used kirigami technique, to cut fir trees and stars out of a sheet of paper that I glued around a glass.

christmas candle hoders craft with paper

First of all, I measured the height of the glass to cut a band of the same width.

measure the glass

I put the band around the glass to check its length and keep just 1 cm more than necessary to turn round the glass (to glue the band at the end of the craft) and cut off the rest.

turn around the glass

Then I draw marks to get four areas where I’ll draw Christmas designs. At the left and the right of the paper, there are areas that will be glued. Then I separate the rest at the middle, separate again both of the large parts.

pen marks to separate the band in 4

I get 4 sections in which I mark once again the middle to draw double vertical lines. (Don’t press too hard on your pencil because you’ll have to erase evyrithing at the end…)

measure the middle

measure the parts to draw

Then I can draw symetric designs on each side of the double lines.

symmetric designs

I use a cutter to follow the lines I’ve just drawn and take care not to cut through the double line.


Then I use a crochet hook and score the vertical lines from the top to the bottom of the designs.

tracé des lignes au crochet

Now, it’s time to carefully erase every mark of pencil without tearing the paper.

erased paper

Turn it on the other side and fold the designs out.

fold the cut tree

folded designs

Now you can glue the band around the glass…

glue the band

easy christmas candle holder craft

… and put a small candle intoyour smart candle holder !

easy chrismas craft candle holder diy

I love it ! What about you ? 🙂



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