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DIY Christmas Stained Glass Ornaments with colored cellophane

I love paper crafts and I use to hang handmade stained glass ornaments on my windows to celebrate moments of the year, such as Easter, Halloween or Christmas !

Here are the latest Christmas window crafts I created, small ornaments made with black cardboard and colored cellophane, which I tied to one another to hang them as a curtain in front of a window.

Most of them are single colored decorations so that kids can easilly do this craft.

If you like the shapes I have drawn, you can print these patterns here. For this craft, I printed it twice, on black paper, because I wanted to have 12 shapes in my window. 🙂

When it’s printed on black paper, you need a goog light, or a  good pair of glasses! But I succeeded in cutting every frame! ( I got two other sheets of black paper to cut two shapes at the same time, for front and back of the paper stained glasses.)

Using the patterns, I traced the same shapes (just a bit smaller that the original ones) on colred cellophane (or tissue paper) and cut them out.

In the black shapes, I draw the pieces that will be replaced with tissue paper and cut them off very carefully (two at the same time).

Then, just glue the black frames, ant paste the colored paper, and cover with the second black shape to sandwich the tissue paper.

For a few shapes, I cut little pieces in the former piece of tissue paper, to mix the colors.

It’s over ! When every piece of stained glass is made, you just have to tie them as you like.

These stained glass crafts look stunning when hung on a window, especially when the sun is shining!

I hope you enjoy my crafts. If you do, leave a comment! Thanks! 😀

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  1. Patience says:

    Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing:)

  2. christine25 says:

    c’est vraiment très joli, merci beaucoup

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