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DIY Advent Calendar made of 24 homemade paper boxes

If you are looking for a homemade advent calendar idea, perhaps you’ll like the paper boxes I folded yesterday.

It took me several hours to print, cut, fold and glue these boxes but today, they are ready for me to decorate and number them.

advent calendar paper craft

I intend to use them to make a tree and decorate the middle of the table but they can be glued to each other to create a rectangular frame, or a big circle !

If you want to make the same square boxes, just print the free pattern of my square box 24 times on a thick paper, as thick as it can pass through you printer !

coloured paper for advent calendar boxes

You’ll need scissors, a rule and a bone folder (or old pen that doesn’t write anymore, or a sharp crochet hook!) to score the lines before folding.

square box pattern and tools

First of all, I use to score the lines of the folds.

mark the folds

Then, I cut out the patterns of the boxes.

cutted out box

I fold up each side and flap of the card to mark the folds (watch out the fold on the tab which is folded down.)

fold every side and flap

folded box

Then, I glue the tab, being careful not to put on to much glue…

glue the tab

tab on the box

And I glue the four flaps that create the square.

glue the flaps

And here are my 24 paper boxes for my upcoming Advent calendar! 🙂

advent calendar paper boxes diy

During the next few days, I’m going to make quilled Christmas embelishments to decorate these boxes. I’ll show you the final look of my advent calendar in a few days… 🙂 What about yours ?

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  1. G says:

    Could you please tell me what kind of glue you use?

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