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Christmas quilling – Small designs for my Advent Calendar

It’s time to show you the former ornaments I did with twirled paper to embelish the paper boxes I had folded for my Advent Calendar.

Chrismas quilling advent calendar

Last year, I had already decorated an Advent Calendar with quilled Christmas patterns, a wooden tree with 24 drawers that I had painted with red, green, white and golden acrylics.

quilling on wooden advent calendar DIY

This year, I used the same colours to create a circular advent calendar that will stand on the middle of my table.

quilling materials

I began with a really easy design, a candle which is made of three small coils (9 mm) made in 10 cm long red strips, a yellow flame, and 4 leaves made of 15 and 22 cm long strips.

easy candle pattern quilling

I use a cocktail stick to glue each piece and tweezers to hold each piece and put them on my paper box.

quilled candle Christmas decoration

For the second candle, I made spirals insteads of coils, coiling half lenghts of 10 cm strips in opposite directions.

quilled christmas candle

Glue and cocktail stick…

glue and quilling

And the second quilled candle is made ! 🙂

christmas quilling on advent calendar box

To make a bell, I coiled two 40 cm long strips together (red and yellow) to get a 22 mm coil.

quilling double colour coil

I shaped it and pinched it with my fingers to get the bell and added leaves and small oranments, gluing every piece to each other.

quilling christmas bell

Then I glued the bell on the box.

twirled paper Christmas bell

To make a white tree, I used 10, 20 and 40 cm long strips to get 10, 13 and 19 mm coils that I pinched to teardrops.

six quilled coils for a fir tree

I glued  them to each others to get sort of hearts.

basic technique quilling

quilled tree made of hearts

And I added a triangle foot pinched from a small coil made of a 10 cm yellow strip.

cocktail stick to apply glue

white christmas tree quilling

The red flower is made of 20 cm red and green strips.

shape the coil with the fingers

christmas flower quilling


Christmas quilling red flower

I finished with a candy cane made of 7 mm coils (10 cm strips) and 2 leaves (9 mm coils).

candy cane easy quilling for christmas

These decorations can be glued on paper circles to decorate a Chridtmas tree or be used on Greeting cards as well.

Now I have still a few ornaments to finish. Then, I’ll be able to show you my new Advent Calendar. 🙂

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