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Christmas craft for kids: a printable paper tree to decorate

I needed a small Christmas tree to add to my Christmas decoration, so I did it last sunday. And as it was really easy and quick to do, I did a second one, just a bit different ! 🙂

easy Christmas craft paper trees

These trees are made of 4 paper cones that have to be shorter and larger as they go the the top.

paper christmas tree to decorate

I drawed these paper cones and you can print them here if you like my craft. 🙂

printable paper cones for christmas tree

Then you’ll have to cut off the four pieces of the tree.

printable christmas tree

Just glue the edge of each peace of paper and turn it over this edge to create a sharp cone. (It’s the difficult part of this craft where kids may need your help !)

glue on the edge of the paper

sharp cone

Then, I began to decorate the smallest cone, with small pom poms.

Christmas craft for kids paper tree

Then I put a big drop of glue on the second cone and glued the smallest before decorating the visible part of the second cone, and so on…

glue on top of the

diy sapin bricolage papier pour enfants

You can also use wave craft scissors to cut the paper templates. This way, you’ll get the sort of cones my mother did while I was doing my first tree. 🙂

paper cut with wave craft scissors

We decided to use sugar stars (for cakes !) to decorate this tree.

sugar stars on paper tree

And I love the final result ! 🙂

paper christmas tree with sugar stars

I really don’t know which tree I prefer ! What about you ?

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