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Rubrique Perler / Hama Beads Patterns

10 fuse beads flags – Easy craft for kids to learn countries

Last week, I had shown you a big olympic flag made of Hama beads, on two large square boards. I intended to frame it with smaller flags, of different countries… Here they are! These flags are not exactly all the same size, and I began with the larger ones that I wanted to set on the corners. I used large boards to create these flags. […]

Russian art craft for kids: fuse beads colored churches

While watching the Opening ceremony at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, I noticed a colourful scene made of russian churches and pots. I found it so beautiful that I decided to keep this memory with a fuse beads craft, and here it is. I used many colors and a large square board, and I “worked” watching the TV that I had set to “pause” on […]

Olympic Craft: fuse beads olympic rings flag

As the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sochi will begin in a few hours, what about celebrating these 2014 Winter Olympics with a craft of the best known symbols of the Olympic Games, the Olympic Ring Flag., that I realized with fuse beads. For this craft, I needed 2 large square interlocking Hama pegboards, for I wanted to make large rings. I first made […]

Fuse beads Cupcakes Magnets for handmade little gifts

If you’re looking for easy children crafts for your child to make his / her own gifts for Christmas or any other occasion, you can propose the idea of handmade magnets. For example, here are the fuse beads cupcakes my daughter made during her last holidays. To create these cupcakes, my daughter used Hama beads and large and small hexagon boards. Below are the patterns […]

Fuse beads Squirrel – Autumn pattern with Hama Beads

I haven’t posted in this blog for such a long time ! And I have so many new crafts to show you ! As a violent autumn wind is blowing leaves over my window today, no doubt the cute squirrel that uses to come and visit the nut tree in my neighbour’s garden won’t come today ! This squirrel made me create a new pattern […]

3D fuse beads penguins – hama or perler beads patterns

Three little penguins going for a walk… Here are the hama beads penguins I made yesterday, after my toilet paper roll penguins had decided to go and visit the world! I often craft with fuse beads, at every moment of the year, Christmas, Halloween, Easter… and I thought these penguins would be perfect for a winter craft! These 3D penguins can easily stand on their […]