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Rubrique Quilling

Quilled Love design for a homemade Valentine card

Do you remember the 3d Love card I had folded last week? I decorated the front of it with a quilled embellishment showing a pair of lovers… This design is quite simple to realise and need just a few strips of paper. The legs and arms are made of one strip folded in the middle, and folded again to show elbows or knees. The rest […]

Homemade Advent Calendar with quilled designs on paper boxes

I’m late ! I’m late ! I wanted to show you the Advent calendar I had finished just in time but I couldn’t find time to write here ! But here it is now. 🙂 I wanted to add a 3D tree at the top of the pyramid but I had not enough green paper to craft it as big as I wanted ! 🙁 […]

Christmas quilling – Small designs for my Advent Calendar

It’s time to show you the former ornaments I did with twirled paper to embelish the paper boxes I had folded for my Advent Calendar. Last year, I had already decorated an Advent Calendar with quilled Christmas patterns, a wooden tree with 24 drawers that I had painted with red, green, white and golden acrylics. This year, I used the same colours to create a […]

Quilled hearts for an easy mother’s day card craft

In France, paper quilling is not much known and I discovered this craft not much long ago. As I love to introduce craft to others (I was a school teacher 🙂 ), I use to write tutorials and explain quilling techniques to my readers on my french blog. To make sure they will dare to try and quill strips of paper, I showed them, a […]

Quilled snowflake ornament – Paper craft for Christmas and winter seasons

It recently snowed on France, but snow quicly disappeared! The snowflakes I made with easy quilling method won’t melt and will decorate my home for many weeks, at least till Christmas! 🙂 As I would like to share my recent passion for quilling, I use only simple shapes easy to do, even with kids, so that you will probably say “I can do this!” 🙂 […]