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Rubrique Cards

Quilled Love design for a homemade Valentine card

Do you remember the 3d Love card I had folded last week? I decorated the front of it with a quilled embellishment showing a pair of lovers… This design is quite simple to realise and need just a few strips of paper. The legs and arms are made of one strip folded in the middle, and folded again to show elbows or knees. The rest […]

Free printable 3d Love Card for a pop up Valentine card craft

I love kirigami technique, which consists in cutting and folding paper, for example to get pop up cards. I already created a two hearts kirigami Valentine card last year (you can see and print this “two hearts card” on my french blog), so this year, I decided to write the word “Love” with this kirigami technique to get an original homemade Valentine card. Here are […]

Printable Christmas card: a Gingerbread House to paint

I don’t know whether I’ll send the Christmas card I’ve just finished… Perhaps it will remain within the other Christmas ornaments… If you like the gingerbread house I’ve drawn, you can print it (here is my free printable gingerbread house design), either on white paper to colour it with pencils, or on brown paper to decorate it with paint. (That’s what I did. 😉 ) […]

Free printable pop up 2014 greeting card – Print, cut and fold !

I just finished a new template I enjoyed creating this afternoon ! 🙂 When a reader of mine asked me for a pop up pattern with 2014 for new DIY greeting cards , I thought awhile, invented it, tested it, and I can now offer it to you ! 🙂 If you like my card, just print the template here, then use a bone folder […]

Quilled hearts for an easy mother’s day card craft

In France, paper quilling is not much known and I discovered this craft not much long ago. As I love to introduce craft to others (I was a school teacher 🙂 ), I use to write tutorials and explain quilling techniques to my readers on my french blog. To make sure they will dare to try and quill strips of paper, I showed them, a […]

Free Printable 3D Christmas Card – Christmas tree Pop Up

What about a nice pop up christmas card, today, an easy one that little pupils will cut at school or that you will have them make at home, so that they will be proud to send their handmade christmas card to a loved member of the family. 🙂 All you have to do to create this easy 3D christmas card is print, cut, fold, glue, […]