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3D fuse beads penguins – hama or perler beads patterns

Three little penguins going for a walk... Here are the hama beads penguins I made yesterday, after my toilet paper roll penguins had decided to go and visit the world!

I often craft with fuse beads, at every moment of the year, Christmas, Halloween, Easter… and I thought these penguins would be perfect for a winter craft! These 3D penguins can easily stand on their feet, but I hope they won’t go away too!

hama beads penguins

Have you noticed they look similar but are all different? There’s a big one, a medium and a small penguin, each of them with the same head, but not the same chest or wings.

winter carft_fuse beads penguins

As I wanted my penguins to be tridimensionnal, I left holes (3 beads) for the beak and the tail, to insert them afterwards.

hole in the head for the beak

hole in the chest for the tail

Don’t pay attention to the hole in the corner! I just saw on the pictures that I had forgotten a bead!

Here is the entire pattern where you can see the black tail (with 3 white beads), the orange beak, and the orange feet .

penguin fuse beads pattern

I use to iron both sides of my designs for them to keep flat, then I let them under serveral heavy books till they’re cold.

iron fuse beads and let under weight

Here are the pieces of my 3d penguin project!

pieces for the 3d penguin project

I place beak in the hole of the head…

beak in the head

Then I add the tail, in the hole of the chest, and glue the feet around the orange beads.

tail and feet of the hama beads penguin

My big penguin can perfectly stand up, thanks to the tail that touches the floor.

standing up penguin_hama beads 3d craft

standing up penguin_ feet and tail

Here is the bottom of the second penguin I made, a little less tall than the former.

focus on the bottom of the penguin feet beak and tail

Let’s iron, get cool, and build the second penguin… Here it is !

fuse beads penguin standin up on its feet

Then I made a third penguin, smallest than the others. Here is the pattern with hama beads.

pattern for a small 3d penguin

As soon as it was finished, my third penguin went out with the big and medium penguins…fuse beads pinguin on the snow

Hey ! You won’t go and visit the world ?” “No ! Don’t worry ! We just go shopping ! It’s cold out here and we need hats and scarfs !

winter craft penguins with hama beads

I hope they’ll come back ! Otherwise, I will have to craft other penguins, with hat and scarf ! 🙂

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  1. Ronald Hickman says:

    Thank you so much for your design. I cannot wait to make them.

  2. Capybara123 says:

    I think you did a really good job with this and I’m making one like right now! It’s a very good design…

  3. Lane ford says:

    I love them

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